On The Lamb Midnight on the Water



On The Lamb Lil' Liza Jane



DC On The Lamb Ride an Old Paint HXAcsd, HIBs


DC WTCH Kuawarri G'bye Old Paint HXAcds RTDcs CD VQW

CH Shalimar's Arkansas Traveler, HSAs


CH Corral West Forever Entwined Safira


CH Kuawarri N Cwest A Cinch Win HSAs

Kuawarri Spectacular Kewl Kippie

Renegades Pay'N It Forward at Dawn Heir 



GCH Dawn Heir's He's the Boss 


CH Landmaster King Creole 

CH Dawn Heir's Yazzi Windtalker 


CH Renegade's Bewitched At Dawn Heir 


CH Dawn Heir's Angus A Renegade 

 CH Dawn Heir's Yazzi Windtalker 

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